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The models offered by Randall have been developed over a period of 68 years from personal experience, extensive research and the study of hundreds of designs submitted by individuals around the world requesting custom-made knives.

Each model has been thoroughly field-tested and has proven to be properly shaped and designed for its particular use.

I wouldn’t frame it as “you’re no longer welcome here” though; that’s pretty adversarial.

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They brought in a manager from another location to run this one until a permanent manager was hired (which is me). Every time I feel like I’m making progress with employees, he comes in and knocks us back to the “good old days.” It’s very disruptive, and he’s even gone so far as to have hats made for employees and customers with the old dealer’s logo on it.Così il rituale della svestizione iniziale e del rivestimento finale è un po' la metafora delle nostre vite, dell'eterna lotta tra essere e apparire, dei tabù che ci poniamo nell'intimità.