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17-Jun-2017 19:41

Then you DEFINITELY should not be posting pictures of my child.

Maybe I’m old fashioned – or maybe that is just because I would like someone to understand that they should ask first.

I am only asking the question – shouldn’t I (as my daughter’s mom) be the one to make that decision?

Heck, even her school asks permission to use her image in marketing materials, but nobody asks if it’s ok to broadcast to the world wide web? I know I won’t post someone else’s picture online, unless I ask them if it’s OK – even if they are an adult.

'It felt like I was cutting a new path through a dense jungle, on my own,' he said.

'I knew that there must be many other dads stuck in the same jungle, but I had no way of contacting them.

A row erupted between the TV presenter and former glamour model, 45, and Dr Chris Steele after she expressed her concern about the link between the jab and a range of chronic illnesses.

He recalled his family's ordeal as he welcomed the launch of a new support service aimed specifically at father's going through what he did by Beat, the eating disorder charity. He admitted he had to change from 'leading her on, to cheering her on'.

The second was the central role played by fathers: they squire the daughters to the ball, dance with them, receive fulsome tributes from them (Hannah: ), and later on will be called on to vet any young man showing an interest.

Melinda Messenger was accused of scare-mongering by This Morning's resident doctor after revealing that she won't be giving her teenage daughter the HPV vaccine.

Wondering if it’s ok to post a picture of my daughter on your Facebook page? If you don’t see any pics of her on there on my own page, chances are I’d not want any on yours.

If you can’t even see my Facebook page because we aren’t friends?'Lizzie benefitted hugely from the online support group from Beat, but at the time there wasn't an equivalent for dads.