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AZAR - Random Video Chat est exactement ce que son nom suggère : une application te laisse avoir des conversations vidéo aléatoires avec d'autres utilisateurs.En d'autres mots, c'est une sorte d'hybride entre Badoo et Chatroulette. Ponomarev's bristling originals have a jaunty martial kick . Derek Ansell, Jazz Times Ponomarev is now a solid hard bopper and he more that holds his own in the stalwart company of Henderson, Barron and the rhythm section. But it is surprising that he is not getting greater exposure and winning jazz polls, for there are few hard bop stylists on his level today. Listening to Valery Ponomarev on a blindfold-test basis, you could not possibly distinguish him from one of the more inspired and authentic of America's great black trumpeters in the driving, hard-bop jazz genre that is his chosen idiom. Stuart Troup, Newsday Ponomarev is a force to be respected . Stephen Israel, The Times Herald Record On the ballad I Remember Clifford, Ponomarev adds both guts and a sense of grandeur to the classic melody, stretching out long languid lines, then spewing tongue-twisting notes and shaping them into graceful phrases. A symptom of this is that it has taken so long for his band, Universal Language, to make this, its recording debut [on 'Means Of Identification']. ["Means Of Identification" is] an exhilarating hard-bop outing. The first great jazz trumpeter to emerge from Soviet Union is an exciting hard bop player with a wide range and a powerful sound, Valery Ponomarev (who is currently playing at the peak of his powers) has led Universal Language and recorded regularly for Reservoir.Later rounds, early rounds, we’re ready for a 10-round fight. The Boxcino Tournament matured me mentally as a fighter.I’ve faced the tougher opponents, I’ve had the harder route. “I’m the better boxer, the more experience fighter. Make him fight my fight and outwork him,” said Dennis.You can’t listen to what other people say or get intimidated by records.

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