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24-Oct-2016 12:39

I am often faced with treating individuals and couples whose lives have been ravaged by the use of pornography and cybersex.As a family therapist, I frequently witness the sheer pain addicted individuals and their families experience as they seek to work through the utter damage caused by these sordid elements in our society.

She describes how “betrayed” partners may experience irritability and aggression, numbing, obsessing, shifting emotions, and the need to interrogate their partner.In fact, the support extends to Apple TV as they now also support Airplay.There’s just something nice about being able to surf the free cams with your tablet and sending those that float your boat to your large screen TV.I often receive letters from partners in new dating relationships or long-term partnerships who are upset after having discovered their boyfriends are engaging in cybersex activities, whether it be viewing pornography or partaking in online chats with other men.

Many of them question whether this is something they should be concerned about, while others find themselves on the brink of a breakup, feeling they’ve been cheated on, even if there’s been no physical infidelity.I am wholly convinced, based on this evidence and more, that pornography and cybersex are destructive and have become a pervasive phenomenon in America.

Online dating stats bare out that average joes are just as enamored with younger women as their famous counterparts.… continue reading »

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