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11-Jan-2017 05:01

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While there is a "sex cam" aspect to it, the more interesting phenom here is the platonic relationships that men and women form on the site.

Money changes hands on the site for any of a number of reasons, even for something as innocent as a guy helping a woman pay her rent that month.

Although a person with AS can tell they've angered or disappointed you, they rarely understand why.

I'll assume that your husband has the normal high IQ common amongst folks with AS, and if so you can use that to your benefit to help him learn how to relate to you and "behave" in a more neuro-typical way.

No one with AS wants conflict or strife, as it only serves to worsen the anxiety and depression that is so common in this disorder.

What advice would you have for a couple that is experiencing marital problems due to the fact that one partner’s brain is wired differently? "I need you to take out the trash because I'm cooking dinner." "It upsets me when you ignore me for video games because it makes me feel like you'd rather play games than be married to me. There's a quiz you can both take that will tell you your love language, which was crazy eye-opening for me and my husband.• Anonymous said... Read everything about it, have someone to talk to, have your OWN free time and try to be as rational as you can when you talk to him which you have to do when you know he is in the "listening mode".

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One thing that helps me is to write my thoughts and feelings down, then have him read them.

I must say this has been the biggest challenge in my entire life. This gives me time to calm down and think about how I want to say something.

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