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Let's not complicate things: Live life fully, fruitfully and peacefully. First I would to thank God for getting me where I am today.

The Tollygunge Club, Kolkata, is the only Country Club of its kind in India and ranked amongst the top 20 Clubs of the world.

It is spread over a hundred acres with a Club House that is over 220 years old.

The Tollygunge Club is located in the southern part of Kolkata, only 9 Kms from the centre of the city.

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In order to boost the family income, the woman took on a job in a garment shop, but after suffering regular sexual harassment at work, she decided to return home and work as a secret sex worker."She maintained boundaries very clearly.

She had a set of saris for sex work and a set of saris for housework and she was fiercely devoted to her husband and was very proud that they didn't have to rely on relatives for support through a family crisis,"There was a considerable amount of pathos in her recounting of how he would earn 100 ruppees in a 12 hour shift while she could earn 200 rupees in five minutes," said Kotiswaran.

Kotiswaran, senior lecturer in law at London's School of Oriental and African Studies, discovered that poor women in India face so much sexual harassment in the working world, often being expected to perform sexual favours to employers, that sex work almost represented an improvement."The Hindi term for sex amongst many poorer women, was actually "work", they really viewed sex as some sort of chore," Kotiswaran said during an interview on BBC Radio Four's Thinking Allowed.

"It meant that the line that we traditionally have between sex and work was a lot more blurred."During her field work, Kotisawaran spoke to hundreds of sex workers, including one woman who was happily married to a man who worked as a furniture painter and therefore his income was very erratic.If I'm on here, I'm abroad by myself and would love to stretch my fingers when I'm not at work.