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You don’t want mold growing in such massive proportions that it’s spreading down deep into your scalp and possibly making you ill, all for a hairstyle.

THE COMPANY BUILT ON DRIVING OTHER BUSINESSES Established in 1981 in Singapore, SEW-Eurodrive Pte Ltd is a local subsidiary of the SEW-Eurodrive Group, the world leader in the manufacture of geared motors.

I had kept a rough mark on the wall, using the chain I was bound with, and I reckoned I had been there six days; and I hadnt seen anyone since I had been thrown in there, stark naked.

I wished I had listened to my friends back in London.

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To meet the demand for menial labor, Bantu slaves bought by Arab slave traders from southeastern Africa were sold in cumulatively large numbers over the centuries to customers in Egypt, Arabia, the Persian Gulf, India, European colonies in the Far East, the Indian Ocean islands, Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Zanj were for centuries shipped as slaves by Arab traders to all the countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

The floor was stone-flagged and, despite the heat outside, cold.

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Both my legs were shackled, and by stretching out full length I could just reach the tiny hatch in the door where my food was pushed through daily.

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