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07-May-2017 18:29

Many young people use video chat to keep in touch with friends and family.

Sites and apps such as Skype, oo Voo or Omegle let the user have live face-to-face conversations through a webcam, either with one person or a group of people. Apps such as and You Tube let you create and upload short videos.

Facebook is going to start hoovering up your Whats App data and using it for ads. Whats App has provoked ire by announcing that it is to start sharing its user data with parent company Facebook, despite assurances at the time that it was bought that everyone’s data would remain entirely private.

The company says that the information will be used for ads on Facebook and Whats App, as well as helping to improve the messaging platform.

A friend request from a beautiful woman pops up on Facebook, quickly followed by a line like “Hey handsome. ”It might seem like an offer too good to refuse, but for many Maltese men this is the start of a nightmare that costs them thousands of euros and could risk their marriage.

The cases of ‘sextortion’ make up the bulk of the 120 reports of sexual images of Maltese being shared without their consent that have been investigated by the police in the past year and a half.

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Users can interact with videos through comments and show they like what they're seeing by using hearts.Detectives were unable to find the photos on Turner or on the phones of other members in the group chat because they were sent through popular third-party messenger Group Me.

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