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22-May-2017 17:07

I’ve always thought that a new word connected to sex should be called a ‘neolo-jism’ – which in itself is a neologism (so meta! One new sex-related term a lot of people are getting their knickers/knackers in a twist about lately is ‘Sapiosexuality’.

According to the Urban Dictionary definition, a ‘sapiosexual’ is a someone ‘who finds intelligence to be the most sexually attractive feature’ in others, and gets aroused by displays of cleverness and smart interactions.

Through D/s play you can dive deeper into your existing desires, and you can experiment to discover hidden desires you never knew were there.

High quality grey matter is supposedly what gets sapiosexuals red hot.

Sapiosexuals claim to find brains more alluring than beauty – some say that looks don’t play a part in their choice of partners at all.

I think that's more of what guys are into today -- someone who knows how to be a girl but also has a guy's sense of humor." --Chace Crawford"I like movies and music and all that kind of stuff.… continue reading »

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So of our users started to report an issues where voice/video call icon will disapperar from their MS Teams (desktop application) for few hours.… continue reading »

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He handed it back to the waitress and told her that he is not going to pay for this piss.… continue reading »

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Para convertirse en un usuario premium (ORO) de por vida y desactivar esta función, lo único que tienes que hacer es comprar cualquier cantidad de tokens una sola vez.… continue reading »

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