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28-Apr-2017 18:12

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Infinity Loves Atlanta is a new Atlanta-based dating site (with a Go Fund Me account) that will provide a sex-positive community where HIV positive individuals can find meaningful, fulfilling relationships with local singles in search of the same.

Liven Jackson had the vision to create this platform while working as a Patient Account Representative for an infectious disease doctor in Atlanta.

With your membership you get your own private mail box to stay in touch with singles that you like.

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Infinity Loves Atlanta is set to launch on December 20, 2015.All our members have the chance to meet hundreds of new positive singles, build new friendships and start new romances!All you need to do is to quickly register with us and you're ready to start dating our members.Now imagine an app where users bluntly admit they’re living with an incurable disease.

There are communities online that are support groups for people living with HIV and AIDS, where people communicate with others under the same circumstances.

Positive Connections is a series of services addressing the needs and concerns of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.