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This is especially important in a historical context.

For example, while we’re unlikely to think that Coolio was recording music in the time of ancient Egypt, confusions could occur in an essay about the Roman Empire, which was founded in 27 BC and continued until AD 1453!

stand for “Before the Common Era” and the “Common Era.” Bob Cargill wrote an article for Bible and Interpretation in which he argued that Christians should adopt the BCE/CE dating system. As Mark Goodacre wrote in his blog: Within Biblical Studies, the usage is now so widespread that some authors will have had it imposed on them by publishers who make this an element in their house style. He wrote: It seems to mean the terminological shift is nothing but a rather facile attempt to take a dating system which clearly places the Incarnation at the center of human history and secularize it. In his article, Bob asked the question: “Why should Christians adopt the BCE/CE dating system? The reason the call to change is given only to Christians is because of the fact that Christ, for better or for worse, has become the central figure in human history. Even when scholars use BCE and CE to date historical events, one has to ask: what caused the transition from Before the Common Era to the Common Era?

One of the reasons for my opposition to this change is became the BCE/CE system is mostly an academic construct, just like the words “Hexateuch” and “Deuteronomic History,” a construct that is hardly used by the average Christian. Brant Pitre, in his blog The Sacred Page has a good statement about the effort to secularize the calendar. No one will ask Jews and Muslims to change their dating system because it may be offensive to some Christians. If one group should change, then all should change. It is the Incarnation of Christ that marks the transition from one era to the other.

In 1995 BC, Pharaoh Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II of Egypt died.

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Common Era notation has been adopted in several non-Christian cultures, by many scholars in religious studies and other academic fields, and by others wishing to be sensitive to non-Christians, because Common Era does not explicitly make use of religious titles for Jesus, such as Christ and Lord, which are used in the BC/AD notation. Muslims date their calendar from the year of the pilgrimage () of the Prophet Muhammad. There was nothing uncommon about the age of David and Solomon.

For whatever reason, be it an aversion to natural selection and evolution, the debunking or explanation of many so-called “miracles,” or a bad grade in a freshman biology class, some Christians cling to the BC/AD system because of the symbolic superiority they feel it offers its adherents over science.

stand for “Before Christ” and “” (“The Year of Our Lord”) and B. However, it is time for this battle to end; Christians should leave behind the BC/AD labels and adopt the BCE/CE dating system for all calendrical references. system of dating “perpetuates the stereotype that Christians are arrogant tyrants who insist on couching all of human history .

Prior years were numbered to count backward to indicate the number of years an event had occurred “before Christ” or “B.

After all, to Bede, zero didn’t exist.” However, zero exist; our modern conception of zero was first published in A.

If you were to look up Plato's birth, you might see it written as 428 BC, or you might see it written as 428 BCE. And the answer is that these are referring to the exact same year in history, but the acronyms here do stand for different things. So if the date is written 428 BC, the implication is that this is 428 years before the birth of Christ.