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"It is the oldest continuously operated history museum in the state, and one of only 13 nationally accredited museums in SC.

Once lowered, the flag was immediately transported to the museum, but is not yet on display. The answer is that displaying this item appropriately is more complicated than it might seem."Organizing a committee to oversee the flag's curation and display, the museum says it needs more space to display the flag.

"We already exhibit authentic Confederate battle flags that were actually carried into battle by South Carolinians.

These flags bear the marks of war – gunpowder smoke stains, bullet and shrapnel holes, and on a very few, the blood of South Carolinians who carried them.

Our professional museum staff strongly believes that the flag from the State House should be exhibited separately from these genuine military artifacts, some dating back to the Revolutionary War."The museum's statement comes in response to the fact that the Confederate battle flag that was removed from the South Carolina State House by an act of the legislature two years ago has not been placed on display at the museum as outlined in the legislative order.

The flag was removed from the State House two years ago Monday. RELATED: See photos of the flag's removal from the State House grounds."This made sense to legislators because the museum was founded in 1896 as the state of South Carolina’s military history museum," says the statement.

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The statue was first erected on Main Street — now Magnolia Avenue — in 1911, near the old Orange County courthouse, before being moved to the park in 1917, the paper reports.SPACEX DRAGON CAPSULE MAKES HISTORY Cassandra Lafser, a spokeswoman for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, said the statue is being disassembled and reassembled as part of the move. A Photo Gallery dedicated to our troops that served.."The flag from the State House is a significant 21st century political artifact, not a 19th century military one.

It was never carried into battle, unlike many of the approximately 150 S. military flags, dating from 1832 – 2009, that we have in our collection," says a statement released by the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum Monday.A Photo Gallery dedicated to battle reenactments and living histories.