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04-May-2017 08:13

The Text of the New Testament: It's Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration. Retrieved May 15, 2013, from Duke University Special Collections Library: J. The word Jehovah has never been found in any New Testament manuscript.Watchtower reasons that Jehovah was originally there, but removed without trace.The date of Jesus' birth cannot be placed with certainty. The second person mentioned by Luke for this detective story is one "Cyrenius" who was Publius Sulpicius Quirinius, Roman soldier, senator and consul under Augustus.One must do a little historical detective work to sort out the biblical references. In 6 CE Quirinius was sent to Syria as legate along with Coponius who would be the first prefect of Judea and a predecessor of Pontius Pilatus.This is vitally important because such a claim undermines the integrity of the Bible.

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The presumed author of the Gospel of Mark, John Mark, was familiar with Peter, Jesus’s closest disciple.

This article addresses the following: The fundamental flaw of the NWT is this insertion of the word Jehovah 237 times into the New Testament.

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