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Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy.I am trying to translate the following sentence into Romanian "Invoices are due 30 days end of month invoice date".The text says that invoices are issued once a month for services provided during that particular month. Explanation: Payments are due 30 days from the end of month.Account payments are due 30 days from the end of month.Companies almost always try to pay these bills early to receive the cash discount unless they are under tight cash flow restrictions. If the invoice is not paid within the first ten days to receive the discount, the balance of the invoice is due 30 days from receipt.This allows the company a few weeks to pay for the goods. In this case, the invoice is due within 30 days after receiving it, but 30 days doesn't always fall on the end of a month.Formula 1: Net Price = List Price (1-Rate of Discount) or N = L (1-d) Therefore, the single rate of discount is 27.33%.Cash Discount Cash discount is applied on the Net price.

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Formula 3: Selling Price = Net Price (1-Rate of Cash Discount) **Three different Dating Methods: 1) Ordinary Dating 2) End-of-the-month (or proximo) Dating (EOM) 3) Receipt-of-goods Dating (ROG) Terms: For example, 5/15, 2/30, n/60 It is expressed as "the customer will get 5% cash discount if he/she pays within 15 days; while he/she will get 2% cash discount if he/she pays within 30 days; and the net amount in full within 60 days.

Invoices are typically marked with a discount period, the net amount due, and some additional information.