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Scandinavians seemed to change their names if they wished to do so.I hunted for years for my paternal grandmother’s marriage certificate, thinking it was “Kall” as her brothers used that name.Kay Reply from Kaye Lystad-Kirk Fargo, ND Note: Reposted to include the whole message. (Note: It was Kay Hildebrandt who had originally thanked Ginger for the information on Somber, not me.Hi Gary, I’m a little late but I finally read Ginger La Rocque Poitra’s reply to my query about both the Seidel murders and the town (community? I just want to make sure Kay gets the proper credit!But when she married Charles Torbert, she said her name was Candace Tennyson.

Jenkins was scanning the crowd of film stars and Silicon Valley billionaires when he realised his face was suddenly wet with tears.The chef’s exquisite peas had burst in his mouth ‘like memories’, transporting him back to a summer afternoon spent shelling the sweet, green veg on the porch of the idyllic Devon home where he was fostered, aged five, by a couple in their late 40s.Jenkins remembers Lilian Drabble as smiling and patient in a yellow dress that day in 1959, a dented colander on her lap.She used “Johansdotter.” Correspondence since with a cousin in Sweden, I found that branch changed from Kall to Johansson.

Research in the Scandinavian countries is a challenge.

The pastor planned for the main sanctuary to accommodate 950 parishioners; shows and events in adjacent Seaman Hall could seat another thousand.

Some Comments on Recent Approaches to the Romano–British Villa and Some Suggestions Towards and Alternative (pp.… continue reading »

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