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11-Mar-2017 10:50

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I firmly believe that the only reason this pairing existed is because Winona Ryder was believe to be the manic pixie dream girl of “dark films” in the 1980s and 1990s, and Gary Oldman could play Princess Diana in her biopic and still pull it off.The reason this pairing fails so horribly is unfortunately the casting of Gary Oldman.She is in love with her Lucifer, much to the horror of her mortal spouse, the stratlaced Johnathan Harker (played by Keanu Reeves). Van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins), and their companions have discovered Mina at the pierced breast of her demon mate and momentarily ruptured their lovers’ embrace. (Coppola doesn’t really like to talk about the eroticism of Dracula, except to say he feels embarrased telling actresses to reveal their breasts.) Coppola has a mantra for Dracula, one that he repeats at regular intervals with various level of panic: “I had to demonstrate that I could make a big production efficiently and not go over budget.” Wearing a battered green suit, he is a duke in his domain of the American Zoetrope offices atop San Francisco’s Sentinel Building.Now the twenty-year-old Ryder must swim in Mina’s self-hatred and revulsion at her unleashed sexual passion. Secretly instructed by Coppola, her friend and costar Reeves insults her, shames her; then, also unexpectedly, Coppola starts yelling at her. He sits in a leather art deco chair in his ornate penthouse office designed by Dean Tavoularis to be “the boat of a zeppelin”; below him are eight stories of the latest technilogical advances in movie-making.During one of the longer spaces between takes, Gary starts looking around and spies a vegetable cart beside me. You can read about my experiences on the Hollywood Investigator. Winona reaches her mark, stops and turns to Dracula and has an utterly surprised, shocked and startled look on her face.I was conscious that Lucy Westenra, the character I was to play in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, needed to look older than 24. I’d been told that I’d got the part after doing a screen test for the director Francis Ford Coppola.

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was confused by the question, he didn't know if he should, so he asked an A. I'm standing directly behind Gary, so all I can see is him facing the street with the zucchini held firmly behind his back.Winona repeatedly walked down the street, stopped, stared, then continued into the shop. You can see the above scene here: You can read more about Emrys's experiences as an extra on Bram Stoker's Dracula at his Blood Thirsty website.

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