Internet dating safety act

25-Jul-2017 23:59

One major risk of online dating is it's likely you don't share some physical or local community or shared relationships with your new romantic interest.

Meeting people online means you may not share common locations, schools, jobs, religious or social circles, making it harder to learn about or confirm someone's true life story.

(a) For purposes of this chapter, an online dating service provider conducts a criminal background check on a person if the provider initiates a name search for the person's convictions for any:(1) felony offense;(2) offense the conviction or adjudication of which requires registration as a sex offender under Chapter 62, Code of Criminal Procedure; and(3) offense for which an affirmative finding of family violence was made under Article 42.013, Code of Criminal Procedure.(b) The name search described by Subsection (a) must be conducted by searching:(1) available and regularly updated government public record databases for criminal conviction records described by Subsections (a)(1)-(3) that in the aggregate provide substantially national coverage of those records; or(2) regularly updated databases that contain at least the same or substantially similar coverage as would be accessible through searching databases described by Subdivision (1).

(a) An online dating service provider that offers services to residents of this state and does not conduct a criminal background check on each member before permitting a Texas member to communicate through the provider with another member shall clearly and conspicuously disclose to all Texas members that the provider does not conduct criminal background checks, as described by Section 106.003.(b) The disclosure required by this section must be stated in bold, capital letters, in at least 12-point type on the online dating service provider's Internet website.

The one you find may be the boy or girl next door, except next door may mean the next state.

One major downside standing between you and happiness is your safety.

This page was assembled as a consumer resource to see which sites have laws relating to safety while using online dating sites.

Several states do have laws regulating online services, and more have bills in the works, including Connecticut, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Florida.

Please be aware that does not conduct background checks on any of its members.

I understand that it is the responsibility of the individual members of to conduct their own background checks on members as they deem necessary.

Using common sense and some due diligence doesn't have to kill the romance, and you want roses, not rose-colored glasses anyway.

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Be aware of the risks and dangers of online dating, social and dating web site polices and practices, and the limits of the law.We understand that this is a debated issues and a question of legislative morality.