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Rocker watched the contest from the crowd as inconspicuously as a 6-foot, 5-inch man can, and can be seen reclining in front of a barricade in one of the above photos.

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But, really, I’m not blogging about John Rocker here. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s 100-percent worthwhile. But maybe, just maybe, John Rocker: 2014 is thoughtful and caring and charitable. But then, 14 minutes into the piece, Rocker sits across from Toboni and says this: “If people just wanna be so rudimentary, so naive, so sheepish that they just want to read that SI article and just accept what Jeff Pearlman has to say and ignore the fact that … Pearlman has done to me, maybe not in the vein of racism or bigotry or whatever, he has done to me what he’s done to 30 other subjects that he’s written about. And how about a little more research into what John Rocker has to say, and not the cut-and-splice version that Jeff Pearlman tries to portray.” Um …

Yesterday afternoon, somebody Tweeted me the link to a recent segment on Vice, the HBO news series that I absolutely love. You call because, when someone attacks another’s record or professionalism and it airs, you are required—by journalistic code—to give the targeted a chance to defend himself.

In fact, Rocker tells me he was happy to leave the game when he did, not just because his absence potentially helps his girlfriend Julie Mc Gee, but also because he was flat-out miserable playing . We were so weak in challenges and they needed my athleticism. His social game was lacking and he was not strong in challenges. We were doing so poorly in challenges so I thought they really needed my athletic skills and Dale was physically the weakest. Did you want to work with him through the end, or was it a short-term partnership in your mind?

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I spoke with John over e-mail about his blindside exit from the game, complete with a hidden immunity idol in his pocket, as well as his thoughts on how Julie’s playing, his relationship with Jeremy and Val Collins after failing to protect the Massachusetts police officer as promised, how his controversial past played into the game on the beach, and exactly why his experience was so miserable. Why do you think Josh and the others turned on you, when Baylor was supposed to be sent packing? Was there ever a moment where you considered playing that idol? It seemed like your past came up pretty quick out there: Wes knew who you were and confronted you about it, and we saw Dale tell the rest of the tribe about who you are. At what point did people know your story, and start talking to you about it? I was hoping no one would recognize me but pretty much right off the bat I realized that was not going to happen. You came up with this plan to protect each other’s loved ones. Jeremy, Val and I are good friends now that the game has ended. I fully intended on protecting Val and wanted to work with Jeremy.

I spoke with a couple of teammates—Terry Mulholland, Kerry Ligtenberg—and they seemed to like him well enough. He was a bigoted, xenophobic caveman, and I felt no need to protect a person with such beliefs. At one point we squatted on the curb, and a local singer I'd once profiled stumbled upon us.