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Since the government of Tupac Yupanqui, an emperor, a specialized elite group of soldiers was appointed for the safekeeping of the Sapa Inca ("the one and only Inca") during parades, travel or campaigns.These bodyguards originated primarily in Cusco, even though with time outstanding soldiers from other ethnicities were accepted into the group.Would you like to find out more about the history of your house? Some information could be just a few clicks away, but to get the full story you will need to visit libraries and archives. It includes hints on planning a research programme, and clues to finding and understanding useful sources. If so this guide by Jean Manco will start you on the detective trail.Previously the English word , by Dorian Gerhold.‘Detailed plans of London buildings survive in quantity from the 1670s onwards,’ writes Gerhold, ‘as well as some earlier ones.They cover houses from large to small, warehouses, wharves, industrial premises, markets, inns, company halls and so on, and most have never been published.

Ayar Oche came from where the Sun was and the Sun had ordered that Ayar Manco take that name and go to the town that they had seen.

As the Inca empire grew, the army of peasant warriors was replaced by an army with professional officers.

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