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Yeah, you probably didn't need to call her the minute we finished having sex for the first time. "I don't know, it's just we never go to your place and when I ask you which neighborhood you live in you say, 'It depends' so I'm just asking if you're like ... This usually happens when you've already noticed that you don't have any chemistry, but you felt the need to be polite and stay anyway, then the more he talked, you convinced yourself he was really nice and honestly that has to count for something? When you have to stop yourself from thinking about your ex. I mean, he wasn't smart or funny, and he didn't get my jokes, and one time he kind of implied that he didn't believe women should be allowed to have jobs, but he a really good kisser. Is he doing it because it's such a nice thing to do for people of all genders or because he wants a 1950s housewife?? When you suspect he's actually homeless and just using you for your bed. When you convince yourself he's not so bad because you're lonely.

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Here’s what dating coach Scot Mc Kay, founder and CEO of X & Y Communications, and collegiettes who have experienced LDRs had to say.

You might get a glob of spinach stuck in your teeth (which you’ll notice two hours after dinner). But some women make mistakes by not thinking ahead and not being aware of what they’re doing at the moment. Talking about long-term commitment too soon Although it is untrue that all men are afraid of commitment, most prefer to ease into the subject slowly and after plenty of time spent getting to know their partner.