Online dating blues

18-Feb-2017 01:55

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The people you attract are often a perfect reflection of behaviors or mindsets you hold within yourself. So Many Fish In The Sea Even if you aren't dating several guys and you really don't have any other viable prospects, you still need to embrace an attitude of abundance. This is about sending the energetic message that, while you think this guy is fantastic and you truly do hope it works out with him, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you can easily pull in another guy just as great or better if need be.

Check Your Reflection If you can't figure out why you keep attracting guys who are manic, obsessive, excessive partiers, workaholics or lacking drive and direction, look in the mirror. Whether you find the idea of online dating intimidating, are repelled by a previous bad online dating experience, or are clinging to the idea that the only way to meet Mr. Online dating gives you the opportunity to date a lot! Plus, you will develop an attitude of abundance, possibly the most powerful tool to creating dating confidence.10.

My friend even made up a term to describe this emotional state; he calls it “the meeps.”This is real talk, you guys. It’s emotional, it can be disappointing and it can also feel totally endless and overwhelming.

Though I’ve certainly gotten better at dealing with its ups and downs, its attendant excitement and disappointment, it still has the capacity to reduce me to an attention-seeking pile of Sunday meeps.

If love is what you seek, it's time to emerge from the rut and embody a sexy, sassy, seductive, attract-any-guy-I-want attitude! After all, how can you make a selection if you don't have any options?Fusing her personal dating successes with her Fortune 500 marketing experience, she now helps singles navigate the intersection of dating and technology.