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09-Feb-2017 05:09

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The first date, however, is free if you use the promo code POKEDATES2016.Pokedates has not yet officially launched but is expected to go online soon.

Basically, it’s Tinder but only for Pokemon players. This one is similar to Pokematch, but in addition to matching the two players together, Pokedates also provides them with the most convenient nearby Pokestops and the best time for the date based on the users’ availability.

A dating app dedicated entirely to the new has become more popular than Tinder.

More android users have downloaded the app on their phone than have downloaded Tinder; to be specific, the game currently has 21 million daily active users.

les sites et applications de rencontres sont désormais désuets.

L'avenir, c'est le Pokedate : un site de rencontres pour les chasseurs de Pokémon célibataires, lancé par une entreprise américaine.

Pokemon Go has prospective lovers bumping into each other all over the place these days.