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THE RIVER OF KING THAILAND “ CHAOPHARAYA RIVER “ Long and wide, the Chaophraya River , or the “ River of Kings “ is a major River of Thailand.

It Graceful snake from the north to central region, ending in Bangkok where it enters the Gulf of Thailand.

Here are some pointers when picking a cleaning business name.

First impressions: Your cleaning business name will be the first impression for your cleaning business.

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Make sure the business name represents you and your style, so it has continuity. Write down your initial, name, area and 10 descriptive words on pieces of paper. Think of the slogan at the same time you brainstorm the name. Here is a list of names to get your creative juices flowing.

It should go without saying, keep it positive, non-derogatory. Make sure the name is not taken, not copy written (trademarked) in your area or worldwide. Definitely consider the following: Is it easy to remember? It is important to take your time when choosing your name.

Whatever the name is, it must stick and be memorable. You will want to put your website on all of your marketing materials. This is an advantage when using both your name/ initials and a descriptive word or two. Suze & Ev's Custom Clean, JR's cleaning Service, etc.... Word play: Write down words that come to mind and play around with them. For example, you will want to maybe include the words 'cleaning' and 'service' in your business name. Humor goes a long way to help people to relax and trust you. Take your time and get the name just right, you will have to live with your cleaning business name quite possibly for the rest of your life.

Merrymaids is definitely not available, but Ted's Custom Clean more likely is. But if you ever plan to sell your business, keep that in mind. Unless they have a name like Jerry Roberts, they will not be interested. Word play is the best way to come up with an original name. Ask all of your friends and family to brainstorm through email and save the email. Is it pleasant to hear and repeat over and over again? Have fun with creating your cleaning business name.

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