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Wasn't Wesley Snipes whopping her ass before she had to roll on him?

I would recommend that you run away before you meet a flawed f*cker who cheats on you, lies to you, and/or threatens to take away your reproductive rights.

I realize now that if I had just endured a few more weeks of loneliness instead of signing up for Online Dating Service, I would’ve eventually met a perfectly nice man IRL or, more realistically, gotten back with my ex for the millionth billionth time.

Of the three men I did end up going on dates with, one was still undergoing a messy divorce, two were noncommittal regarding their views on reproductive rights (I DEMAND TOTAL COMMITTALITY REGARDING REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS), and all three turned out to be emotionally stunted. flyfisher: older then 30, sorry and good luck ciaoflyfisher: morning West Coast womanflyfisher: not online, awe it would be interesting hearing from youflyfisher: but you seem indisposed or awayflyfisher: send a message when you're free and can talkflyfisher: Rowdy Theking7782: I admit I'm a geek, and that's a good thing. I’m really great guy to be around, i make mostly everyone happy with just my presence. ”], and 3) he’s a high school dropout, but you wouldn’t know it by his lack of punctuation or his inability to end a sentence without laughing out loud.

I notice that you take pride in intelligence also (you didn't come right out and say, but it's there between the lines). This guy lives in his mother’s basement and wears Dragonball-Z shirts and thinks that I do, too. im a high school dropout but you wouldnt know unless i told you. Believe it or not, I had more than one meat-eating conservative type send me a message telling me that it was “cute” that I was a “little hippie/veggie girl/environmentalist.” I resent the fact that one of my most conscious, deliberate lifestyle decision has been reduced to nothing more than an adorable little quirk. There were countless other ridiculous messages from slavering fools begging for sex, but I didn’t include them since this is a fairly Christian family site.

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