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" she asked insecurely."Nice job," he replied, this time being the one to squeeze her hand. She really made him feel good."Talking about team seven, how is Kakashi doing lately? He changes subjects as soon as I start asking him about it." She looked annoyed. Again, Sasuke thought of how beautiful she looked while she blushed."I thought so too,' he smirked, enjoying how she was struggling for the right words. It was funny to see her having trouble thinking of the right words. She tasted sweet and her lips felt soft against his own. He slowly smiled at her."I really liked it tonight," he said."M-Me too," she replied, still surprised."I want to do it over again."She regained her smile. "Good night, Sasuke-kun.""Good night, Sakura," he replied.

""I don't know, honestly, but he's being so sneaky lately. They talked a lot and as it got really late, they decided to go home. As they arrived at her house, they had to say goodbye."I really enjoyed it tonight," Sakura started."Me too," Sasuke admitted."It was really nice being with you, while it was just the two of us," she blushed. Sakura's eyes widened slightly before she closed them. "Both," he grinned afterwards."Good, me too," she smiled happily.

When Kakashi dies on the battlefield he leaves behind a gift for Sakura that will let her catch up to her two teammates. XDUnsuccessful model, Haruno Sakura,finds herself a teacher at an all boy's school.

Karin is new to the school and has already set her eyes on Sasuke Uchiha the star player.

"I'm very glad you wanted to go on a date with me," she said and blushed.

he joined her laughter with his own and ignored the curious voices behind them."It would be so embarrassing," she grinned. She let go of his hand and to him it now felt cold and empty."Look, Sasuke-kun, there are Naruto and Hinata."Sasuke glances outside and saw them talking vividly. She looked so happy."Sakura, your food is getting cold."She looked over to him and her pink hair danced."Oh yeah, you're right." She looked up to him rather shy.

They are now 17 and they have met once again, can their friendship be rebuilt again? no, he's engaged and truly in love, What about Sakura? [Sakura Sasuke]AU SASUSAKU: They think the teen model's a gay! So, he have to pay the school tomboy bully just to pretend they're dating and take his reputation back. Meet Uchiha Sasuke, the hottest playboy in Konoha High. “What if, what you wished for was going to come true anyway?

more importantly will this friendship bloom into love? And then I met him..."You conceited, stuckup, selfish, pathetic excuse of a man! Check out my profile for the link.[AU] A water nymph of mysterious birth, a curious vampire, a captured angel, a sadistic crown prince. Meet new student Haruno Sakura, a former playgirl who quickly regains her title.

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BEING REDONE[Sasusaku][AU][High School] Uchiha Sasuke is the ideal boyfriend. Sakura is a new student at Konoha high and there she meets Sasuke a womenizer who's very selfcentered and thinks he can play her like any other girl, and she thinks he's just a jerk. Enter Sasuke Uchiha, fan girl attracter with his famous icy Back Off glare. Seriously, just what does Sasuke find in this strange, pink-haired girl? Water dripping form his ebony locks and onto a well toned body.

Enter thugs, fan boys and Jiraiya, the host and a pervert extraordinaire. Sakura wants to find a boyfriend by the end of this school year.

Naru Saku Sasu SEQUEL DTM,5 years later, Sasuke moves to America for some business work, but only to find Sakura which he thought was dead, happy ending? However, when her teammates find out, one of them isn't exactly pleased... Her students instantly think of her as a bimbo and refuse to cope with her. Her hardest mission: Gaining respect from Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto is one of the star linemen on the team, Neji is the running back and Shikamaru is the other star linemen.

They are currently dating Hinata Hyuuga, Tenten Tenshi, and Ino Yamanaka. She leaned onto the wall she was currently by and admired the boy.

Ever since she moved into this school, he's been on her mind. Karin has no idea of this relationship simply because the girl Sasuke's been dating has been on vacation with her family for the past week. And lastly, Shikamaru gave his number 26 jersey to Ino. They waved off each other and walked to their classes.

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