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Strangers spend a few minutes across a table and try to determine if they're gazing into the eyes of a match -- except in this case the participants are seeking a housing match rather than a romantic pairing.There is nervous laughter among the gulps of wine, tentatively proffered handshakes and exchanged numbers. LOUIS IV Luxury triplex, bright, quiet, original 20’ beamed ceiling, fireplace, modern kitchen/bathroom, washer/dryer, a/c, Wi Fi, stereo/TV/CD, sleeps 4, maid, non-smokers, photos, owner [email protected]

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The company has remained privately owned by the family of Henry Reed.

Triplex à Sidi Bou Said offers accommodations in Sidi Bou Saïd.

Triplex à Sidi Bou Said features views of the mountains and is 1.4 miles from Baths Museum (Carthage). Other facilities at Triplex à Sidi Bou Said include a sun terrace.

After the defeat of the Ottomans in Lika, most of the Bunjevci (Roman Catholic Vlachs who spoke Western Herzegovinian subdialect of Neo-Shtokavian with Ikavian accent) migrated to Lika, including Smiljan between 1683–87.

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Villages and hamlets in Lika and Krbava were divided according to religious confession, which was aligned with ethnicity; in Smiljan the Orthodox, who were ethnic Serbs, lived in the hamlets of Selište, Ljutača and Bogdanić at that time.

PARIS (SQUARE BERLIOZ—9th arr.), Wi Fi, 3BR/2Bth, beautiful full-floor condo, 4th floor, elevator.

A wave of new bills about camera regulations in assisted living settings is bringing privacy issues to a head as technology increasingly tracks data and monitors resident in the senior housing industry.… continue reading »

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In sentencing today, Judge Peter Brebner said the majority of the material involved children younger than 14 - Read More - Pleaded guilty to obtaining and possessing child pornography - Downloaded over thirty thousand images.… continue reading »

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Find that perfect place to eat at your connecting terminal before your next flight departs?… continue reading »

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