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08-Oct-2016 03:11

Quote: Originally Posted by armyturtle I had the exact same problem this morning - and what I'm seeing in common in everyone I've found who's experienced this (found quite a few through a google search) is that each person who has seen this happen has turned their Motorola Q off for some period of time and plugged it in to recharge it.

Called Verizon tech support and made in-store visit. All I can say after a very long night of being on the phone to tech support and reading all these doomdays treads is, thank you, thank you, thank you! , RSD CDMA General Ѳ ( ) , Moto Q (RSD Lite) ( ').

updating bluetooth on the motorola q-53

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It also provides CSR Bluetooth device drivers for select OEMs and aftermarket Bluetooth dongles.Certain option combinations (sizes, colors, fitments, etc.) are more expensive than others.In this case the option is more expensive than the base price, so a price adjustment of has been added to Your Price.If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant. I updated my phone (Droid RAZR) earlier this week with the latest update.

Since updating my battery life has decreased and I am constantly having to charge my phone. Yesterday it started overheating as I was charging it. The last thing I saw before I went to bed was the huge battery icon (animated) saying it was charging (filled the who screen).