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04-Mar-2017 13:23

If you are using Exim 3.x or earlier it is suggested by the Exim development team that you upgrade to the current release.spamgateway_smarthost_router: driver = manualroute domains = ! For example, a license for the month of May would be Valid After May 1 and Valid Until May 31 .The license file will be automatically updated before expiry unless you have configured Direct Admin in such a way that the control panel is accessed through SSL.Instructions for updating the Exim configuration to use Mail Channels as a relay host are provided in this article.Authentication with Mail Channels is required and is relatively simple to setup.With Direct Admin, the exim configurations are stored in the /etc/file on your server and the following changes should be added/modified in the /etc/file.

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Do note that the last step of the article requires you to have set up a website and a domain already.

This is the amount of time remaining before your license expires.

In that case, you would need to update the license manually before the expiry. Unless you are using a lifetime license, your Server Version should match the Current Available Version.

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(referral link) The previous article still applies and it still works.In that case, you would need to update the license manually before the expiry. License creation and expiry depends on the server time being set accurately.

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