Updating iis Webxxxonline

11-Jun-2017 21:45

First, the original touchscreen-based client which started in OCS on the CX700 and was updated for Lync.

This client looks nearly identical to the previous version but has a few tweaks (most prominently a Lync Server branded background).

Close the Bindings window and reopen it, and the binding to 443 shows properly.

However, you cannot open a connection to that port on the server. Interestingly, if I create a self-cert, the process works fine and I can create a connection to port 443 on the server.

We are in the process of combining the Share Point Server 2013 and Share Point Server 2016 content into a single content set.

We appreciate your patience while we reorganize things.

This element also allows you to configure whether IIS caches page output in user mode, kernel mode, or both and what, if any, output caching limits you want to impose. NET page output cache can be used programmatically for any content-type, much like the IIS 7 output cache.

When I go into the IIS Administrator is when I start seeing the problems.

I'll select the web site, then go to Ss L Settings, then select BIndings from the right hand side.

When adding a new binding, my cert shows in the drop down.

I get the following error: [code]A specified logon session does not exist. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070520) [/code] Clicking ok on the window, and the binding of course doesn't show.If you set this property at a lower level, it will have no effect. Administration Module Sample Sub Main() Dim server Manager As Server Manager = New Server Manager Dim config As Configuration = server Manager.