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23-Feb-2017 12:59

".mysqli_error($con)); $result Array = array(); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) return json_encode($result Array); The webpage correctly removes the existing options from the jquery function but fails to update them.

It seems to go wrong when I decode the JSON data in the jquery. Is the loop for updating the select object appropriate?

I am trying to populate an initial select box with results from mysql via php.

Then I would like the second select box to update with additional information related to what was chosen in the first box.

After it populates the first time, I want to replace the map object used to populate the select with a json object I am retrieving using jquery AJAX and converting to an object using j Query.parse JSON.

What I want to do is use AJAX to automatically recalculate total minutes or hours if the user enters them.

because firstly you are processing to click event of some tag name which is not there and you are passing data in ajax from some name field and processing the data in php file and then after you are trying to do action on the field which is not in the form element. you have select dropdown of id answer9 and in javascript code you are working on answer1.

We realize that existing sites and plugins may be affected by these changes, and are providing the j Query Migrate plugin for a transitional upgrade path.

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Individual descriptions below indicate if the behavior changed in 1.9 can be restored by using the j Query Migrate plugin.The top level category is the resource type, and the sub-category will list the individual's names.