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A case of optometrist's eye models, cast in wax and partially melted by the sun, hangs above a large fireplace, in front of which sits a prosthetic head of a fat, balding man with blank eyes.A staircase juts out from below a picture doorway halfway up the wall but stops dead in mid-air after a few steps, leaving the iron railing to spiral off like the twisted sinews of a tree branch.

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World, the “seemingly omniscient leader” of the New Gods group, who will reportedly make more trouble for him than his enemies.He played a German-speaking clairvoyant during World War I in the Polish-language film Hiszpanka, and an unwitting employee in service of Robert De Niro's character in The Bag Man. He currently stars in the Starz television series American Gods as Mr. Glover was recognized for his directorial work in 2013 when the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City staged the series It Is Crispin Hellion Glover.