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Are there still really bullies on playgrounds wearing leather jackets?If that bully saw someone on a playground flying, would they just kneel down in front of them in submission? Secondly, the short seems to imply that anyone who feels like an outcast but inexplicably believes in a greater destiny can have the power of Peter Pan.I suppose sets that up with Rufio saying lines like, “I got Pan’s sword. ” But it was never revealed that Rufio had all of the powers of Peter Pan.So there are some presuppositions that must be made in order to accept this story.He was first introduced in Steven Spielberg’s fairytale movie Hook, as “Rufio”, the leader of the Lost Boys.He quickly jumped to leading roles like Newline’s Take the Lead, opposite Antonio Banderas, and The Debut, which became the voice of a Filipino American generation.And while superstars like Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, and Dustin Hoffman perfectly tackled their iconic Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook roles, respectively, we were also introduced to a new era of Lost Boys.

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In a world of endless sequels, prequels, and reboots – we feel Bangarang holds a unique place.

Sure, it draws off a popular studio film, and billion dollar property (Peter Pan), but the key for us is that this movie is a social commentary on the current world climate.

But Roofus may find an escape from the situation in a little place called Neverland. Personally, I thought the implied, destined connection with Robin Williams’ character Peter Banning was a nice touch.

However, the movie seems to held back by the world in which it exists, and the legacy of Peter Pan.

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