Who is lisa randall dating

12-Feb-2017 12:55

Harvard physicist Lisa Randall is no doubt a very bright physicist.

Her specialty is multidimensional string theory -- high-powered stuff.

But Randall insists she never set out to crack any glass ceilings. "The fact that I was first meant there was no one before me — but it wasn't an active thing I was doing."A gifted teacher, Randall, 49, is so articulate at dissecting physics' most brain-bruising concepts — from the nature of minute subatomic particles to the vast reaches of cosmology — that she's become a regular on TV talk shows ranging from While Randall's appealing TV persona and Jodie Foster-ish good looks haven't hurt her publicity efforts — last summer she was named one of the hottest female professors in the country by a college webzine — she's still an anomaly in a profession that is, without question, a boys club.

(An estimated 90 percent of physics professors are male.) Randall is smart enough to know that all the publicity she generates — "When you're reaching out to people beyond the scientific community, image does matter" — helps crack the door open a little wider for other women.

Back in 1997, University of Chicago dinosaur expert Paul Sereno and MIT computer scientist Pattie Maes were included in People magazine's special issue on "The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World, 1997," right up there with Leonardo di Caprio, Brad Pitt and the Spice Girls.

"But I liked the idea of doing something that applied to the world, not just doing abstract problems.

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